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Manggata Grass as a Remedy for Digestive Disorders

Manggata grass has been known as a good herb to be a remedy for various health problems, including digestive disorders. The use of manggata grass to overcome digestive tract disorders not only based on traditional usage but also can be proven scientifically. From those scientific studies, the maggata grass, then, is made into supplements and formulas for a better way to consume it such as the formula you can find on

From the results of experiments conducted by scientists in dogs, it is known that manggata plant has an antihistamine effect and has properties as antiemetic. Meanwhile, to overcome stomach cramps that can lead to pain, abdominal pain, and other complaints, the researchers used the small intestine of rabbit animal try. The experimental results prove that after being given ethanol extract from the tubers of this plant, the small intestine of rabbits that have been made seizures with histamine spray can experience a meaningful relaxation can be used to overcome seizures in the intestine.